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• Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

kinky phone sex cougar

Oh how I am loving the hot weather all these men with their shirts off showing off their bodies. As a kinky phone sex cougar you know exactly where my eyes are going too those tan twenty somethings. Hmmm Where I live its bustling with construction at the moment tons of city projects going on. So that means men in really good shape and tanned. OMG those bodies.

The other day I was running an errand and it took an extra 45 minutes just cause I was sitting in my car staring at the workmen across the street. If I could of cat called loud enough you bet your kinky ass I would of.

So why I do I bring this up? Well quite simple the amount of horny young men in town has this cougar getting quite a bit of attention. Oh yes! That gets your cock twitching in your pants now doesnt it.

I know your going but Jillian you have a boyfriend but honey just cause I have a boyfriend doesnt stop me from fantasizing and oh are my fantasies exciting. Plus my boyfriend and I have an understanding wink wink nudge nudge.

With that in mind this kinky phone sex cougar really wants to talk about some of the dirty fantasies running through my mind. So why not give me a call and then I can share them with you. Perhaps you have a story you wish to share with me. Lets both get excited over an older woman younger man role play scenario.

Just ask for Jillian when you call that kinky phone sex cougar.

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kinky phone sex cougar

• Monday, July 04th, 2016

big breasted phone sex

Up till a few days ago I have been enjoying the amazing warm weather. Wearing next to nothing. Usually found at home in my bikini top and cut off jean shorts, panties rather optional some days. Or my other favorite is some light weight summer dresses.

Now over the years between just the way men look at me in my summer attire and well being a big breasted phone sex operator I have learned that less is better when out and about. Sure I could toss a bra on and run my errands but why? You men love it when my big tits are bouncing around in their natural state under my summer dress and well tshirts.

For years I use to tuck my breasts into a bra believing I had to tame these puppies. That I couldnt go out in public without a bra. Now I could careless. not sure if that has to do with getting older or realizing men really do fantasize about large breasted women braless. Either way I am enjoying the freedom.

Shall admit the first time my nipples got extremely hard from the chill of the air conditioning in the grocery store did take some getting use to. As the produce clerk and a few others were staring. Perhaps a thin tee was not the best option. Swear they could see the puckering of my rose color aureola through that shirt. First I did try to hide behind crossed arms but then realized that defeated the purpose of coming out braless. I wanted those men to look and well I didnt want to be constrained behind that contraption.

When I see a young hot guy in the store I often think how amazing it would be for him to come up behind me and cup my large breasts but that for me is only a fantasy, as it has yet to happen.

How would you like to indulge in some erotic fantasies with a big breasted phone sex operator. Sure we can come up with something where your doing more than just cupping my breasts.

Just ask for Porscha when you call.

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big breasted phone sex milf

• Saturday, April 30th, 2016

panty boy humiliation phone sex

A little update from my prudish friend who I passed the panty sniffing idea onto… Well it seems that she did put some ziploc dirty panties in her husband’s luggage. His carry on to be exact. Just so happened he got pulled aside by security and they went through his luggage.

Oh yes! There he stood as they pulled out every item of his carry on probably cause some dog sniffed something in his luggage. This airport security guy is pulling out a laptop, magazine, phone, few personal items and then boom the ziploc baggie with pretty lacy pink panties.

The hubby went red as he was busted with dirty panties. Cause you so fucking know the airport security have run across this before and were pegging the husband as a kinky pervert who liked to sniff women’s panties.

I was on the floor laughing at the level of humiliation that was happening and so wishing I was there to witness it hahah. Course I wasnt but hearing it was not a bad runner up. The security guy even open it up and pulled out the still damp panties. You know he could feel the level of filthy emanating off those underwear. The smell alone my gawd after being stuck in a ziploc baggie for a good few hours. Ha! Sure the whole airport got a whiff of his wife’s pussy juice.

Part of me does wonder if the humiliation over being busted with dirty ladies panties turned him on though?

Like I know panty boy who call me live for those moments of being busted and crave those humiliation phone sex fantasies. How about you? Do you like the idea of being busted sniffing dirty panties?

I think we should talk about it. Give me a call, just ask for Jillian.

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panty boy humiliation phone sex

• Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

cheating housewife phoen sex

Never once did I think I would be the woman to cheat on her husband but when you have a husband who is gone most of the time, due to work and well when he is home he is far more interested catching up with friends than my pussy, you get the picture.

It started out rather harmless I casually flirted with the gardener. This amazingly hot guy with golden skin from working in the sun and a very fit body. Oh the 6 pack was eye catching. I adored days where he wore nothing more than khaki cargo shorts.

We would exchange a few flirty lines and then I would go off to watch him from my bedroom and enjoy the view of him pushing that lawnmower over the grass wishing he would munch on my bush.

I wanted him to spend hours on the  yard and at the same time I wanted him to leave so I could masturbate. My pussy was beyond wet.

Yes I know your going did you fuck him?

No actually we only flirted. The person I actually fucked and became a sexy cheating housewife with was the person who filled in while the sexy gardener was on holidays. It was this yummy college coed all of 22. There was no words to describe how hot he was and just as built.

It wasnt a schedule mow day and I happen to be laying on the couch with the curtains open. My maxi dress pulled up just fingering my pussy and boom there he was with a full view of my lady bits.

Seems he liked the view for his shorts were popping a tent instantly. We never exchanged words about is it ok or do you want it. That young cub was in the house so fast. Before I  knew it I was rolled over with my ass up in the air, dress flipped over and this extremely hard cock slipping into my cunt. Oh my!

It was a quick pounding which was a bit of a let down but I blamed his age. Turns out that first quick encounter had more to do with him being over excited about finally fucking me. He loves older woman’s pussy and couldnt control himself.

Do you like older cheating housewives fantasies? Well I would love to be that phone sex housewife that makes  your young cock explode.

Talk to you soon, Porscha

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cheating housewife phone sex

• Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

panty boy phone sex

A dear friend of mine was drowning her sorrows in a glass of wine with me tonight. As any good friend I listened to her marriage hiccups. Honestly, I didnt find them something to wallow over but then again this is coming from a woman who is no longer married and shacked up with a much younger man.

The marriage woes was over her husbands amount of travel and how its affecting their sex life. You can see how I dont see how this is an issue, right?

I was all for offering up tips to go find a young stud to satisfy her while the hubby was gone but apparently not everyone shares my open minded view on sexual pleasure. So there I sat talking about sex toys to buy. Rather boring.

That was till she opened up about how she wanted to do something daring with him. OH well now you have my attention. I mean till now I was talking to a prudish friend who should sign up for a book club to help pass the time. Spicing up things is where I come in handy.

Tossed out a few ideas all of which Mrs Prude shot down except for this one which was masturbating in a pair of panties then tossing them into a ziploc baggie and putting them in his travel bag. Could be his check on luggage or if she was daring his carry on.

See the idea came to me from a panty boy phone sex caller. Sure I wish I could take full credit for it but I can’t this kinky pervert  had his girlfriend do it to him all the time. He said the ziploc kept the scent nice and fresh up to two weeks.

Thankfully this one got her rather excited and she was doing a happy little wiggle in the chair. Guessing she was wanting to leave quickly and go get her panties dirty for hubby.

Are you a panty boy in need of a sexy panty sniffing role play? Give me a call tonight I am all ready for you with my sexy red thong panties. Come take a sniff.

Just ask for Jillian the hottest cougar around.

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panty boy phone sex

• Sunday, March 20th, 2016

humiliation masturbation phone sex

So talking about sex toys and using them for humiliation masturbation phone sex fantasies seem to get a few of you opting to call in for such naughty role plays. Cant say I was very surprise for I knew a select few of you would be all over the idea of me humiliating you while I played with my pussy.

The idea is beyond hot really. To know that his horny housewife deprived of sex from her husband would rather grind down on her vibrate than fuck what you have between your legs. Ohhh ouch!

Well in the case of my current vibrator you better fucking believe it. In fact, I rather like watching you kneeling between my legs.







Your cock the hardest it has ever been. You just looking at that sweet purple vibrator gliding over my clit.  Glistening with my juices. The feel of my thighs tightening around you. Still I want nothing to do with you.

This magical not so little toy has my full attention. Has me lifting my hips up and down off the bed. The look on your eyes when you think oh she is lifting her wet pussy up to my swollen cock. NOPE!

Just wanna get that vibrator into my pussy. Watch me fuck myself.

The visual is just too much as your grabbing that cock stroking and masturbating with me. Knowing that my pussy is off bounds to your worthless cock. You rank right down there with my husband in the unfuckable category. Poor you. Perhaps next time I will want to fuck you. Not tonight. Tonight its all about the humiliation.

Hmmmmm and my own self pleasure.

Love to continue this on with someone else for my pussy is in need of more orgasms achieved through your humiliation.

Just ask for me Porscha.

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humiliation masturbation phone sex

• Sunday, February 21st, 2016

masturbation phone sex

Even though my husband is gone a fair amount of the time I must say he is rather “adventurous” in the bedroom. Well perhaps I should rephrase that as he is easily directed into doing the things I desire. One of the things I dont have to direct him in is the need for sexy toys in the bedroom. I tell him its a win win for us all. He gets to see me masturbate with them and I get to achieve multiple orgasms before he even fucks me.

Now the honest truth.

He is a horrible lay and I at least get to a good set of orgasms off before having to fake my way through him. If I am lucky my pussy is so sensitive from masturbation, his dick sliding in might trigger an aftershock of an orgasm.

Oh dont act all shocked about reading that. I am sure your partner has faked an orgasm or two just to get you to blow your load. If your sporting something under 5 this is 100% true. So the other special thing about him buying me sex toys is that I get to use them for masturbation phone sex calls. This can be of the mutually stimulating variety or well come to think of it the humiliating variety as well.

Does it really matter which style of masturbation phone sex gets you stroking? I think not. Just as long as your stroking. I know my latest Lelo vibrator is doing all the right things for me. Love to have some sexy fun with you. Tell you how I am touching myself or better yet how your not able too cause lets face it my toy is doing a better job.

Just ask for Porscha when you call.

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mutual masturbation phone sex

• Saturday, February 13th, 2016

otk punishment phone sex

Punishment phone sex is one of my favorite things to do especially punishing a naughty young man for peeping in my windows while I am changing. Yes I saw you!

Also saw what you were doing as you got a look of my big breasts and mature curvy body. How you couldnt help but stroke your cock while hiding in those bushes.

Think its time I pull you in for some spankings.

Now just get over my knee and this wont hurt one bit. In fact, I think you may like some phone sex punishments it may lead you to confess a few more things you have been doing. Who else you have been peeping in on.

I know I enjoy dishing out the OTK spankings. Watching your bottom get rosey pink with each smack of my hand. The warmth that radiates in the palm of my hand just does wonders for my cunt.

Now as much as I like hand spankings there are other ways to get your bottom that nice rosey pink too. Hair brush, riding crop, rolled up magazine oh and my favorite the wooden spoon. See this kinky mature woman does have a few naughty tricks up here sleeve.

So come peep in my window and lets have some naughty punishment phone sex fun. Course there are more fantasies and role plays we can come up with that end with me spanking you. Just a reminder I love adult babies! Remember to ask for Carla when you call.

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otk punishment phone sex

• Thursday, February 04th, 2016

sissy boy phone sex

As a sexy blonde woman I definitely draw the attention of men. So when a man doesnt glance my way I have to wonder what is up with them. Now before you tell me they are perhaps married? Oh darling! You havent been around many married men for they are the first to look and take the longest drink with their eyes. Just cause their is a wedding ring on their finger means absolutely nothing in my experience.

Sure you can ask me what brought this thought process up? Very simple I was at the mall grabbing a gift card for my nieces birthday. So thought I would run into the lingerie store and see if they had any cute jammies for her. There was a man in there looking up the sale rack of bra and panties.

First I thought he was excited to be buying such things for his girlfriend and  didnt notice me coming in well that was till I walked up and down the store. Still no look from him. He was too infatuated with the delicate fabric twisting over his fingers. Hmmm.

So I stood and watch him.

My time as a phone sex cougar has done nothing if not taught me about men who have a fetish for lingerie and their shopping habits. You guys are so willing to tell me your dirty secrets over the  phone. So there I was watching him and he was oblivious due to the delectable delights in front of him.

Hmmm what is your fetish…..

Panty boy?

Sissy boy?

Cross dresser?

All worked well with how he was behaving in the store. Avoiding eye contact with clerks and customers. Picking the rack in the back of the store. Choosing a time of day when it would be busy enough not to get overly noticed. The fact he went back and forth matching the panties to the bra I took him for either a sissy boy or a cross dresser.

Rather leaned to him being a sissy boy doing some pretty sissy assignment for his phone sex mistress. Love to find out what it was. The only reason I didnt choose cross dresser is there was a sense of embarrassment to the act and most men who dress in women’s clothing are far from embarrassed about dressing up.

What do you think? Am I right in it being a sissy boy? Or better yet are you a sissy boy craving a similar experience. Give me a call for something just as hot.


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sissy boy phone sex

• Monday, November 30th, 2015

kinky cuckold phone sex milf

Finally finding some time to write between the husband snooping over my shoulder, kinky cuckold phone sex calls and well just fucking strangers I have been one very busy housewife.

My husband knows  about some of my bed hopping adventures but not all of them. I think its more fun if he isnt aware of everything that happens. I like having a few dirty, nasty secrets dont you?

The latest is that I have been fucking the bag boy from the grocery store downtown. Sure I have flirted with them in the past and every masturbated them through their work pants as they helped me with my groceries to my SUV. However this young college cutie has actually had his bare ass slide across my marriage bed. Hmmmm On a number of occasions.

This blonde adonis just has that certain something that drives me crazy. Probably his oh so firm ass that I love digging my heels into as he fucks me hard with his 8.5 inch cock. What pushes me into multiple orgasm land is the idea of my husband walking in on us as this young stud is filling my mature pussy with his sticky cream.

Yes I know its probably getting you excited too.

Well I adore being a cheating housewife that cuckolds her husband even when he has no clue who exactly is cucking him.

Love to engage in some kinky cuckold phone sex fun with you. Give me call just ask for Porscha.

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horny phone sex housewife